Knitting Pattern: Frog and Toad Five Years

Knitting Pattern: Frog and Toad Five Years


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This is a pattern for a handknit sweater for a five or six year old Frog and Toad enthusiast. On the front Frog and Toad are trying to launch their purple kite. On the back the golden snake is emerging from his cave while Frog and Toad run away. On the left sleeve Frog is happy about his many-buttoned jacket. On the right sleeve Toad is carrying two ice cream cones back to Frog. The hem has two patterns, one of snakes against a green and blue background and the other of red and black ladybugs against a medium blue sky. The wrists have a trim pattern of turquoise dragonflies on a periwinkle background, which is repeated at the shoulders. The neck has a trim pattern of variegated blue and dark blue stripes. Please note this sweater pattern uses sewn-on eyes and buttons that may pose a danger for children under the age of three; proceed at your own discretion.
Obviously other color combinations are possible.
Have fun!

Finished Size
Height 18"
Width 32" around
Sleeves 16.50"

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Pattern has written directions and full color charts to enlarge. The pattern assumes a good knowledge of knitting, or at least an adventurous spirit and a knitting guidelines book.

22 stitches
28 rows over 4 inches

Straight needles smaller and larger sizes
Circular needles 16" smaller size
Sew on eyes two sizes
Random buttons

DK yarn 50 gm skeins
Black 1
White - a bit
Variegated Blue 1
Dark blue 2
Periwinkle 1
Blue 1
Medium Blue 1
Light Blue 3
Dark Turquoise – bit
Turquoise 1
Light Turquoise - bit
Seafoam 1
Dark Green – bit
Green 1
Bright Green 1
Light Green 1
Dark Tan 1
Tan 1
Heather Tan 1
Heather Brown 1
Brown 1
Dark Brown - bit
Variegated Grey 1
Light Grey 1
Terracotta 1
Dark Red – bit
Darker Red – bit
Red 1
Yellow 1
Gold 1
Medium Gold 1
Purple 1
Deep Purple 1