Here is a slightly larger version of the Cars Three Years sweater, this time in white on periwinkle. The main body of the design is Beetles and roads and tires. The identical sleeves have a smaller version of the main pattern. Around the wrists and hem is a small village of white cottages with black roofs and red doors. The neck, wrists, and hem ribbing is alternating stripes of dark blue and rainbow.

flower jester

This is a variation of the Jester sweater, with flowers adapted from one of the Tokle and Kolstad books. On the front is a pattern of red scrolls and flowers in shades of variegated peach. The background is small crosses in variegated peach on periwinkle. The back has the same pattern with a slight variation. The points are alternating red and dark blue, with bells sewn on the ends. The neck, wrists, and hem trim is red diamonds on dark blue.



On the front is a large shield of four fleur-de-lys in shades of red, dark blue, and gold. The back has a simple pattern of diamonds separating the opposing red and dark blue diamond patterns. The points are alternating red and dark blue, with bells sewn on the ends. The neck, wrists, and hem trim is gold diamonds on periwinkle.


rosanna butterfly

This is the Rosanna Butterfly sweater, named after its recipient Rosanna, a classmate of Jirina's.  The varying red swirls repeat against a green background. In the center of the front is a butterfly pattern adapted from Alice Starmore. The back is just swirls. The wrists and hem trim is light and dark green triangles on a peach background. The neck trim is a small pattern of green triangles on dark red. The neck and wrists end with a simple picot trim.  The peplum at the hem has three varying greens that end in a dark green lace. I like peplums and I am a bit baffled I haven't made more of them, though they require lots of yarn and time.  I am relieved to get to the final decrease row.

Swedish shield

Another variation of the Norwegian Shield sweater. This is the Swedish version, with white snowflakes on a blue background. Inset at the front and back is a striking pattern of golden lions on a blue background. There are also mini flags in the Swedish colors. At the hem and the wrists is a traditional pattern of people in white on a red background. At the neck, wrist, and hem is a pattern of alternating stripes in red and dark blue. The back and front are similar with small adjustments. On the sleeves are more snowflakes with another variation of the Swedish flag.