My Inspiration


I started knitting with a sweater pattern for baby Jirina from Kaffe Fassett’s Family Album.  That sweater was horribly misshapen, as I knew nothing about gauge.  But I persisted and eventually figured out how to match my gauge to the size of the sweater.  I only used large needles and thick yarn, because I didn’t think I had the patience for anything that took too long.  I got graph paper and marked the stitches and rows and filled in the sweater shapes with pictures, with the different colors marked with numbers.  I only made vests because I didn’t think I could handle sleeves!


Once I was brave enough to try, it was actually freeing to take on sleeves and fully embrace every aspect of a sweater.  I liked starting with a lace trim and working up from there.  I found I liked the complexity more than the previous simplicity.  Here is Amaran in her (first of two) beloved O Canada sweater.

amaran canada.jpg

Another big turning point for me was the book Sweaters by Tone Takle and Lise Kolstad.  It was very challenging to take on the idea of circular needles and steeks.  It really requires faith to make a steek for the first time!  There was something so distinctly different about knitting a repeating pattern.  This V sweater for Jirina was the first result of this type of knitting.

Jirina Vee.jpg

My current knitting is a mix of pictures and more traditional-style patterns.  It was certainly easier for me to design picture sweaters when my children were young and actively fueling my imagination.  My growing granddaughters Layla and Shaina are opening new doors for me - while also slowing me down!
Here is Levin in his Northern Lights sweater during a spring break trip to Seattle.

Levin .jpg


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