Amaran crosswords

Stories were so important to all of our children.  Amaran lived in a rich world of so many characters, reflected here in a crossword sweater. Chip and Beauty are from the Disney Beauty and the Beast movie. Patrick, Omri, Bull, Boone, Twin Stars, and Ruby Lou are from The Indian and the Cupboard books, which were read and reread many times. Charlotte, Louis and Wilbur were from EB White. Athena is of course from Greek Myths. Atta, Phoebe, and Leda are characters in Leif's book The Magic Us.
Amaran is herself!
The background is simple stars in varying turquoise shades against a pink background. This was a vest sweater, knitted before my bravery with sleeves.


one year horses

This is a variation of Jirina's Horses sweater, sized for a one year old.


levin indus

The inspiration for this sweater came from Leif's book The Undeniable Kingdom. The main character is a boy named Indus who enters an alternate world and has twelve encounters that are represented by twelve symbols in this pattern. I love the quote across the hem: "I have travelled to the sun and beyond - I am afraid of nothing." All of Leif's child characters have an amazing strength, built of a deep connection to the truth of life. 


diamonds one year

A very simple sweater for one year olds, in dark blue with lighter blue diamonds. I have established my love of a fold-over hem in simple patterns of one color stripes alternating with varying color stripes, and this sweater is no exception. I much prefer this ending to ribbing.


little stars one year

Another simple sweater of diamonds and dots.

peace one year

A downsized version of Jirina's Peace sweater, in white instead of black, on a red background.