When Amaran was younger she had cello lessons. Orchestra was a required class for our Waldorf school. Her practice inspired Leif to also begin playing. When Jirina had Orchestra, she took up the violin. Our house was filled with music! 
This is a smaller version of a sweater I made for Leif, in periwinkle and white. The body of the sweater is a repeating clef pattern. Dark blue cellos on red circle the hem and repeat vertically on the sleeves. The neck, wrists, and hem trim is alternating stripes of dark blue and variegated red.



For some time our family was obsessed with hockey: playing hockey, watching teams, having rivalries. This sweater is my traditional tribute to that fondly remembered time. This white and dark blue pattern has pucks, Stanley Cups, ice skating swirls, and the letter G for goals. The identical sleeves repeat similar patterns. The wrists and hem trim is boys and girls holding hockey sticks in variegated red on a periwinkle background. The neck trim is blue stars on white. The wrists and hem trim is alternating stripes of red and variegated blue.


This is a smaller version of a birthday sweater for Levin, based on his enjoyment of The Number Devil. There are various mathematical symbols on this blue and black sweater. There are pi, plus, minus, times, and divide. Fibonacci numbers in green circle the hem. Prime numbers scroll down on the sleeves. The wrists and hem have a trim pattern of the pi symbol in dark blue on blue. The neck, wrists, and hem trim is alternating stripes of green and blue.


Norwegian Shield


This is a larger version of the Norwegian Shield sweater. The main pattern is white snowflakes on a red background. Inset at the front and back is a striking pattern of white lions on a dark red background. There are also mini flags in the Norwegian colors. At the hem and the wrists is a traditional pattern of people in white on a darker red background. At the neck, wrist, and hem is a pattern of alternating stripes in variegated red and dark blue. The back and front are similar with small adjustments. On the sleeves are more snowflakes with another variation of the Norwegian flag.